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I found these adorable little characters while browsing Cher Ami (one of my favorite visits for the day). They are made by French company Serendipity


The magpie in me cannot resist these fairy tale like temptations. Halligan Norris has a wonderful collection of jewelry, each piece telling its own little story. My favorite is this amazing Alice in Wonderland ring.

gold ring

Sometimes one stumbles across beauty of such a fine and delicate nature that it humbles you. Aoyama Hina creates the most intricate and unbelievable paper cutouts. At first I could not believe my eyes, surely it was impossible for anyone to be that dexterous with a pair of scissors? If, like me, you couldn’t believe it, check her out on YouTube.  (link found through Mein Inspiration, which is a fabulous blog full of incredible paper art and sculpture)

Paper Cut Out

I thought I’d take this opportunity to start bragging about my upcoming wedding. Holly is going to be my flower girl, well actually my flower bird. Keeping in the theme of all things birdy, she is going to wear little feathered wings. isn’t she adorable? Check out more gorgeous photos taken by my dear friend Jo (Holly’s Mum). She is an amazingly talented photographer… brag, brag!

Holly with wings