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Thanks to my daily dose of Oh Joy! I found this fabulous “exhibition space” Papernstitch. It showcases artists and designers selling hand made goodies, there is some really amazing talent, well worth a visit. I find “dipping” into websites like this so inspiring. Now, if only I didn’t have to work today, I would love to potter about and attempt to make something pretty.

This gorgeous faun is from Sanfran67 one of the exhibitors on Papernstitch.
Sanfran67 also has some very pretty paper art on Etsy and well as on her website

Kyoko Okubo created these delicate and very intricate washi (traditional Japanese paper) sculptures. Really breathtaking.

Emily Sutton crafts these exquisite song birds by hand and details them with delicate stitching and paint. I admire the amount of love and patience that must have gone into making them. You can see more of these little darlings on Emily’s website (found via Oh Joy)

I simply love this little vase cover and I am quite proud to say I have one gracing my chest of drawers in my bedroom. Tord Boontje designs exquisitely intricate pieces. Have a look at Artecnica for this and other gorgeous peices

These little 3d flower cards are also a beautiful examples of work at Artecnica, designed by Tahmineh Javanbakht and Clara von Zweigbergk.

Its been a while since my last post. Life has been hectic and writing little juicy snippets has been difficult. So to kick off a new week and a new month here is a lovely print by Sieben Morgen, she makes the most fantastic block prints. Visit her shop here.

Sieben Morgen

Just a quick post, seems I am going to be burning the midnight oil again. Here is a another example of calorie free pastries. These are made by KupKup. How cute!


I discovered Laure Cinotto this afternoon (via Oh Joy). She is a hugely talented florist, a foster Mum to the most adorable kittens as well as talented crafter. Dont you think these bouttonieres are adorable? Kind of makes me wish I had seen them before our wedding.


Hey, its time to hunt for Easter Eggs again! This little nest is an example of the Easter gifts I have made for my family.
Here’s wishing all a very happy and peaceful Easter. If you are traveling anywhere, please drive carefully.


Quirky tableware is fantastic, Versailles Fluo is a decadent collection of old fashioned tableware with a zingy bright “bit”.


Have a look at this beautiful ceramic “Grass” vase. Grass is crafted by design duo Claydies, in thier words: “Grass has a very naïve ceramic expression that is both uplifting and amusing”.


Take a look at Zee’s delightful photos. Her style is so fresh and inspiring, I love the collections of bits and bobs, they really satisify the magpie in me!


Sometimes one stumbles across beauty of such a fine and delicate nature that it humbles you. Aoyama Hina creates the most intricate and unbelievable paper cutouts. At first I could not believe my eyes, surely it was impossible for anyone to be that dexterous with a pair of scissors? If, like me, you couldn’t believe it, check her out on YouTube.  (link found through Mein Inspiration, which is a fabulous blog full of incredible paper art and sculpture)

Paper Cut Out