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What a magnificent Sunday! Although working I was lucky enough to be able to take my laptop outside and enjoy the glorious sunshine, the birds, the butterflies and the odd bumble bee. I am so happy spring is here.
Thanks to one of my new favorite blogs (yes, I know I should have been working) Creature Comforts, I discovered these delicate porcelain feathers. These are so going on my Christmas list. You can check them and lots of other lovely stuff at Velocity.

Thanks to my daily dose of Oh Joy! I found this fabulous “exhibition space” Papernstitch. It showcases artists and designers selling hand made goodies, there is some really amazing talent, well worth a visit. I find “dipping” into websites like this so inspiring. Now, if only I didn’t have to work today, I would love to potter about and attempt to make something pretty.

This gorgeous faun is from Sanfran67 one of the exhibitors on Papernstitch.
Sanfran67 also has some very pretty paper art on Etsy and well as on her website

Kyoko Okubo created these delicate and very intricate washi (traditional Japanese paper) sculptures. Really breathtaking.

Red Flower

The weather has taken a turn for the worse. Saturday saw Cape Town experience one of the worst storms in a long while and on Sunday it hailed! You would never guess that a couple of weeks ago the sun baked down on our little garden making flowers bloom and buds turn green.
Since getting my new camera I cant resist photographing everything that happens in the garden – in the nick of time Alexis grabbed a fist full of the hail before it melted.

Its been a while since my last post. Work has been manic and my design team are down to only two (eek!) Sadly the last thing on my mind has been pretty and inspirational things… UNTIL… I saw these adorable little babies. Normally I wouldnt post photos of kitties, but these are taken by my dear freind Jo and she is a fabulous photographer who’s work is so inspiring. Thanks Jo for getting me going again. Check out her adventures with her new kittens here.

New Kittens Being Weighed

Jo-Anne Cavanagh Photography

I simply love this little vase cover and I am quite proud to say I have one gracing my chest of drawers in my bedroom. Tord Boontje designs exquisitely intricate pieces. Have a look at Artecnica for this and other gorgeous peices

These little 3d flower cards are also a beautiful examples of work at Artecnica, designed by Tahmineh Javanbakht and Clara von Zweigbergk.

I am determined to make my own cuckoo clock and I have started collecting pic’s for inspiration. The simplicity of this version would suite our home. I found this example at Snow Home. Check out the website, they have some really great goodies.

Snow Home also sell these magnificent trays. I have blogged about Ibride before and couldn’t resist to punt them again. They have an equally magical website, check it out.


I have noticed more and more interesting street art in and around Cape Town. As soon as I get my new camera I intend snapping shots of these temporary gems.
Wooster Collective is a great showcase of ephemeral art found in cities around the world. These super sized birds can be found in Dublin by famed street artist Steve Power.

steve power

The 10th April is a very special day. Today my best friend (and little sister) turns 30. Ally, I hope your day is full of prezzies, cake and lots of bubbly. Enjoy!
(flowers from Rosenow Floral Design)
happy birthday alison

Take a look at Zee’s delightful photos. Her style is so fresh and inspiring, I love the collections of bits and bobs, they really satisify the magpie in me!


It been a while since my last post, we have been very busy with wedding plans, the wedding and the honeymoon that I simply couldn’t get to everything. Anyhow, have a look at Tamar Morgendorff, isn’t this bird house fantastic. Birds where a big theme at our wedding and they continue to inspire.

On my wish list for Christmas is this fabulous print by Kelly Smith, titled “I Love You My Deer.”

Thanks to Irene at Bloesem for the sweet little link to my blog.
It is very flattering as I must admit to visiting Bloesem on a regular basis for a design fix.


I am currently on a week’s break from work and as luck would have it, the heavens have opened and the wind is howling. The idea of running any errands on my scooter is not that appealing, So instead I have an Americano and my laptop and I can browse to my hearts content.
Check out these two fabulous Etsy stores, “Trace My Face” and “In my Backyard“.
Traci creates these delicate prints (top), I love her amazing use of colour and attention to detail, check her work out here, and “In My Backyard” (bottom) crafts these cute fabric printed bird patches (found via Decor8). I likes!


In My Backyard

I have a huge soft spot for Christmas trees and ornaments. I can not wait to get out our box of Christmas goodies and decorate the tree.
Needless to say, our collection keeps growing, and the poor tree will soon be in need a brace.
If you feel like me, then you simply have to sign up for the Second Annual Holiday Ornament Swap. Not only is it a great opportunity to send a little festive cheer to other Christmas’aholics across the globe but its a banker that your desire for the perfect Tree Trinket will be satisfied.

Christmas Swap

The swap is organised by Nicole of Freshly Blended and Kathleen of Cake & Pie. If you want to find out more check this out

Ferry Staverman has created this exquisite tree sculptures using Bee Board (a form of layered cardboard using laminate and recycled cardboard). Apparently the pieces vary in height from 2-3,5 meters tall.


Blush blush, it has been a while since the last time I added anything to my blog. I could think of a load of really believable excuses but to be honest with you, I had kinda fallen out of love with lots of things “online”. Which is kinda weird considering my job is “online” and all things related. Anyway I dusted off my old blog this morning and was met by a brilliant punt on on one of my favorite blogs, Spray Glue. Thanks Gary (fellow South African) for the link, I am so flattered to be referred to on one of my “hero” websites. I am now totally back in love with this silly internet business!
spray glue

These illustrations are really magical, Klaus Haapaniemi is truly talented.


Some really amazing surreal paintings by Josh Keyes

These magical creations are inspired by traditional Chinese furniture pieces embedded with delightful toy like creatures. Have a look at WOKfamily for more really awesome pieces

I am very surprised I haven’t put up something from Papa Stour already, they have been a favorite bookmark of mine for sometime. I love attention to detail and there is plenty to pick from here.


This beautiful scarf has a really lovely bird detail and is made from Harris Tweed.


this corsage is made from 100% felted lambs wool and is intricately detailed.


This is my all time favorite piece, a silver bangle lined with brilliant red felt and an exquisite leaf detail. Truly divine!

I stumbled across this site again this evening. Cats in Slacks is a mad collection of prints of cats wearing slacks. Meet Smuckers (left) Dizzy and Waffles (right)


Be sure to visit the Hostess with the Mostess, there are various fabulous stationery give aways amongst the beautiful collection of things.


No longer will the task of taking out the rubish on bin day be a task left to hubby. Check out these gorgeous bin liners. Sure beats Zapping it in a Zibi.

Bin Liners

Wowbow is a new luxury brand committed to pampered pets & their discerning two legged companions” Okay, I admit it, our cat Stripey will sleep on anything as long as its in a nice sunny patch, but she would look really gorgeous on one of these


What a brilliant idea, a vinyl alternative to wallpaper. Pretty up a boring plug socket with one of these quirky Vynil Surfaces.


my first blog entry is fittingly a reference to “Good Old Martha”. Every wondered how to tie the prefect bow on a gift? Visit Martha’s Craft Website for loads more nifty tips